Report From Prague

August, 2003

After our retirement in 2001 Kay and I thought it would be fun to live as expatriates for a few years. To prepare to live in other countries we enrolled at New York City’s New School to earn TESOL certificates. Our idea of teaching English to speakers of other languages was not in order to earn our living but rather to give ourselves a focus abroad and to better integrate ourselves into whichever country or countries we chose to live in. The culmination of our program was to do a three-week practicum in which we would teach a class under the supervision of an experienced TESOL instructor in order to show we had learned our lessons. Along with seven of our classmates, we had the opportunity to do our praticum in Prague. Following is an account of our experience.

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Learning Italian in Lecce

In July of 2003, Kay and I spent two weeks at the Domus Aurea language school at Lecce, in the Italian province of Apulia. I regret that I wasn’t keeping my journal at the time, so I don’t have the kind of day-today record of what happened that I keep nowadays.

Looking over my photos of the trip, I see that most are of sites we visited on weekend excursions sponsored by the school. It’s a shame that neither Kay nor I can remember the names of the classmates that appear in some of the photos.

Anyway, before I lose any more of my memories of our stay, I want to put them down here in no particular order.

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