Dreams of Zanzibar Fulfilled

I didn’t quite know what to expect upon landing on Zanzibar Island, even though I had read its entries in our Lonely Planet guide. I had long dreamed of visiting this romantic-sounding place with its exotic name. And Stone Town, the historic part of the island, sounded appealing, too. I was to learn that that name was not historic at all, having been suggested by the World Bank in 2006 to appeal to tourists. Continue reading Dreams of Zanzibar Fulfilled

Believe Safari

“Safari” is a loan word borrowed from Swahili that means “journey coupled with the sense of adventure.” I didn’t know this until recently, yet the word has been in my consciousness most of my life. I must have learned it when I was very young and vaguely understood it to mean hunting big game animals in Africa with guns. Thankfully, except for illegal poaching, the guns have been replaced by binoculars and cameras. Continue reading Believe Safari