Finally! It was time for Kay and me to feel what it was like to spend a few days in what some claim is the most livable and happiest city on the planet. July was a perfect time to fly north and escape Istanbul’s summer heat and humidity.

As we debarked into Copenhagen’s airport, I was all eyes and ears. Do the happiest people in the world look outwardly different from the rest of us? Maybe not. But maybe courtesy and thoughtfulness are signature traits of happy people. We certainly found these on display at the counter of the airport tourist office where we bought our five-day Copenhagen cards that gave us passes on all public transportation and admission to every museum we visited. And we found them again when we checked into the central city’s Absalon Hotel. Preliminaries accomplished, the receptionist left her post to personally escort us to our room, making sure we knew how to use our key cards to run the elevator.

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Sweden Lies North

Sweden lies north, and in August, North is where the cool air is. That alone would have been reason enough for us to go; after all, seven years ago, to cool off was the impetus for Kay and me to journey by train and bus through Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, and the Baltic countries all the way to Finland. This summer, though, we had an additional reason. We had promised ourselves and our former New York neighbor Desiree to visit her in Uppsala. Of course, we were curious, too. We had never been to Sweden. Continue reading Sweden Lies North