A Week in Sussex Prior to Crossing to NYC on the QM2

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Istanbul – Heathrow – Felpham, West Sussex

The adventure begins. During our week in England, we’ll be staying with Joan Aubrey-Jones, a woman eight-some-years-young. This will be a challenging day. We each are lugging two suitcases in addition to our backpacks.

The airport is its usual irritating self. Kay had checked us in online yesterday, meaning that all we had to do with our luggage was to drop it at a designated gate. However, we have to wait in a queue for more than 45 minutes until that gate opens.

At Heathrow, we move through the recently expanded terminal quickly enough and are met at the exit by our friend Joan and a taxi driver named Mark, a gentle giant with the largest barrel chest I’ve ever seen. He may be 50 years old and spends a lot of time at the gym. His arms are heavily tattooed and his manner warm and friendly.

At Joan’s house in Felpham I drag our four cases upstairs to a spare children’s room where we can spread out our things.

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